Dudes. It’s 2018. For all of 2017, our mantra was, wait until 2018. Well, it’s freaking 2018. Midterms. The year that liberals, progressives, and, let’s face it, basic, reasonable people have been dreaming for since we stopped crying about Trump winning.

Since that horrifying and – for many – fateful day, we have been busy. Organizing, reading, attending meetings, crying some more, learning social media, drinking, and finding new friends.

But that was the bush league. We’ve been practicing — learning how to tweet and schedule social media posts; canvassing and phone banking; and networking with new friends and old. 2018 means that we turn what we have learned to action.

For me and lots of my friends, it’s being a member and leader of Mountaineers for Progress, a progressive organization in north-central West Virginia. Last year, we helped get a progressive city council elected in Morgantown, led the charge in a non-discrimination ordinance in that city, and held a town hall with our Senator, Joe Manchin. THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME.

But 2018 means that we use those tools to reach outside our bubble, convince people to vote, and show folks the passion and vision of progressives. We get freakin’ progressives elected. Or at least solid Democrats.

Duh, right?

So do it. Join a progressive group. Or donate to mine! Contribute to some kick-ass candidates. Wondering how to find them? Try Crowdpac, where you can learn about candidates and contribute to causes. Do a little research in your area. Who is running? Whose vision to you support? Find your local progressive group. Check out Indivisible¬†— the group that taught us how to turn the Tea Party tactics against Trump and the Republicans — for local groups that need some help.

But don’t just yell at Reddit, the radio, or Alexa.

Let’s do this.

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