UGH! It’s September and we’re all having flashbacks to August. Because the ACA repeal is back. This time called something different: Graham-Cassidy. That makes is sound like a new, real-ish bill. Something new, different, less horrible for humanity. But it’s NOT! Check it out!

Cassidy-Graham Checklist - 9.13.jpg

It’s still super bad. Plus, in WV, it will be especially bad, cutting folks from the rolls of Medicaid, hurting untold thousands. That’s right — bye bye Medicaid expansion. Hello more folks without health insurance, worse health outcomes, kids coming to school sick. BAD!

So, remember all of those phone calls you made a couple of months ago? Call like it’s make all the callsAugust 2017! Pick up those phones, call your Senator (find their contact information here.) Find an Indivisible event against ACA repeal. Write a letter to the editor. Text two friends and tell them to to call your senator.

Then, share on social media. Use the hashtag #SaveTheACA. If in West Virginia, use #SaveMeCapito.

Bottom line: Make your voice heard. The media is not covering the repeal like last time. It’s up to us.

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