Charlottesville. I have struggled with what to say, write, and do. I usually am a person of action so this feeling of being stuck is foreign. I am so mad, offended, sad, and helpless.

We talk about the civil rights movement of the 1960s like is was in the distant past. But of course it isn’t. We saw this in the faces of white men marching down the streets in support of loathsome values, of hate; in statements of complicity; in unjust laws that unduly affect black men, women, and children; in a dead woman.

Charlottesville is tragic. The way people now respond will affect whether or not my kids will be witnessing the same acts of violence when they are adults. So today in countless cities and towns across the country, there are rallies and vigils to stand with Charlottesville. To show our shared values of togetherness and brotherhood. For our rejection of racism and hate. But these shows of solidarity won’t be enough. So we wake up tomorrow knowing that the fight is not over. We build coalitions, plan actions, make donations, knowing that this is the right – the only – way to move forward.