The August Recess is blissfully upon us. Trump is away from DC. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. (Recent threats to North Korea be damned.) I went to a family wedding the day that McCain voted NO on the health care bill. The alarm went off at 4:30 to get to the airport and was jolted awake by the joy of the health care bill going down. (I do not normally wake up joyfully at 4:30…).

I need a break.

I don’t want do my job, take care of my kids, then squeeze in another couple of hours working to counter the Trump administration and Republican policies. I want to rest, relax, enjoy the sun, go on a run, do yoga, and laugh with my kids. So I have and I am.

I’m not the only one who is worn out. Lots of my friends are tired of the news. Others are fatigued of meetings, emails, planning. Some have talked about quitting. Or even moving.

And we deserve a break.

And it’s ok to take one! The resistance movement is large. If one of us takes a step back, another will step up. So take your time. Enjoy the sun. And be ready to come back stronger.

In case you don’t need a rest…. I’ve also heard of some awesome suggestions for ways to keep up the fight.

  • Keep writing to your senators about health care. They will try to take it back up. Send letters to members of the Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions committee. Send letters, send photos, post to social media.
  • Thank your Senator if they voted against the health care bill! They need our support and to know that we have their back.
  • Try to find your Senator! This could be easier said than done! Check out their Facebook pages, websites, but also keep an eye out in local media. For example, our Senator attended (or was supposed to — she Skpyed in…) a Chamber of Commerce event. They might be at more low-key events that aren’t on the radar (which is probably intentional!).
  • Find an empty chair town hall. Or host your own! This could be an opportunity to hold your MOC accountable for prior votes — or to encourage future votes. It’s awesome if you can find another MOC to attend in their stead. Fire up the crowd; get folks ready for a fight in 2018.
  • Get ready for a budget fight. It’s time for a budget. The House has a horrible one! But Trump’s is worse! September will be a tough fight. Do a bit of reading. Brainstorm good ways to bring attention to this critical fight.

But first, figure out how to find your own balance. Mine looks like this.

Photo Jul 09, 3 33 48 PM.jpg