As I wrote two days ago, we had thought we had won the fight to save the ACA. And we had, in part. We prevented the full ACA repeal from being pushed through. But knowing eel-like and patient McConnell, that was not the end.

And it’s not. Today, reports are the McConnell will try to push through a motion to start knopw-what-the-fuckdebate on the bill, creating it through amendments. But this could of course change as I write this.

And why is McConnell now pushing for this strategy? BECAUSE REPUBLICANS HAVE NO VISION FOR HEALTH CARE! They don’t want a healthier populace. They don’t have a passion for saving lives or preventing disease. As demonstrated through their work on the bill, they (well, most) have one core vision to erase entitlements for working folks and give tax cuts to the ultra rich.

This latest strategy is no different. McConnell has bailed on a vision for what health care could be. (Not that he had one…) He just wants a win. He loves the politics not the policy.

So what do we do? 

In the words of my New Activists on the Block co-Host, Micah Weglinski — Turn it up.

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Next Tuesday, we will be back at Senator Capito’s Morgantown office. Herd on the Hill is delivering constituent letters to her DC office. And we call and write. McConnell is assuming that confusion will lead to complacence. But we won’t let it!

We tell Senators Capito and Manchin that a deliberate and bipartisan process is needed to address health care — 1/6 of our economy.

Health care cannot be decided by politics alone.

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