This is a short & sweet post about how you can help with the Senator Capito Virtual Town Hall! For the longer version, go here. 

WV Senator Shelley Moore Capito might be the most important lawmaker in the country right now.  If she and other “centrists” vote for the Senate AHCA plan (and they might!), 24 million of us – mostly children and working families – will LOSE medicine and doctors visits. Hundreds of thousands will lose drug treatment. Hospitals will close. Friends and neighbors will lose jobs. Pre-existing conditions will explode costs.  But if Senator Capito stands up for us, she can halt this plan and save our families. We must put the pressure on.

Here’s how the Virtual Town Hall works:

1) Use your phone or other device to record a video and send it to Then, we will post to our Facebook page!

2) Then YOU should post your video clip via ALL social media platforms you have (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…), using the hashtag #SaveMeCapito. Also, tag New Activists (@newactivistsontheblock), Our Children Our Future (@ourchildrenourfuturewv), and Senator Capito (@SenCapito) on Facebook.

On Twitter, tag @SenCapito and @5Minutes_Action so we can re-tweet your story.

3) Finally, SHARE, LIKE, RETWEET any other related video stories. We need Capito to feel the pressure, and we need a LOT of visibility. We need your help.

All videos shared via Facebook that include the #SaveMeCapito and follow the rules below will be considered for special recognition.


1) When you introduce yourself in the video, say what town you’re from.

2) Your video clip must use the phrase and hashtag “#SaveMeCapito.”

3) Your video must tell your personal story of how you or your family will be affected by passage of the AHCA or loss of ACA, Medicaid Expansion, or Medicaid.

4) Your video must also be emailed to (so we can make a montage and also helps if you win!).

5) The “top 5” will be selected based on the videos that have received the most Facebook views at the time the Senate votes on AHCA (or at 5pm on July 15 – whichever comes first).


Thanks to our partnership with Our Children, Our Future, we will offer the top 5 stories our help in setting up (and promoting!) their own GoFundMe pages to help families in need raise money for care or related services.  We will also recognize the top stories on the New Activists on the Block Facebook page and offer them a New Activist t-shirt.  The person with the top video will be offered an interview by Sara and Megan (and Micah!) on our podcast!