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For those of you who want to cut to the chase, here are my concluding comments:

Divorce is relatively  common. Parents decide that the cost of staying together outweighs the cost of being apart. My own parents divorced when I was six years old. When I think about the Bernie-Clinton divide, I think about divorce. What does it take for a party to split up? It’s clearly more than what we have experienced thus far. But that doesn’t mean that the parents are happily married. I’m perhaps belaboring the analogy, but it will take conversation, communication, and – I think – laughs to heal the party. As it takes to sustain a family. As Shane said, he knew I was a Clinton supporter. And in some circles, saying that out loud can feel weird. But Shane never made me feel that way. And most people don’t. But we talk, we worked side by side, and, yes, we laugh. As Shane said, maybe we’re all at a kind of crappy Thanksgiving dinner. But we’re all at the same table.

As angry as Bernie supporters – and lots of others– are at what the Democratic party has become and what is has done, we are too committed to moving the country in a progressive direction. Most of us are anyway. And I’m not saying that to alienate or otherwise anger people who have shunned the Democratic party. There are fair and reasonable reasons to do so. But ultimately – to me — ideals have to be compromised under the big, stinky, sweaty tent that is the democratic party. The way we compromise in a marriage, in a family. The way we take turns to choose the restaurant, make decisions about chores, and choosing how to spend our money.

Again, I know a family isn’t a political party; but similar power dynamics are at play.

At the end of the day, for me – the pragmatist who likes learning new short cuts – I need to see our country change. I am a part of that change. And I work with amazing people – like Shane, Micah, and Megan, among many others – who are making that change.