We are 4 months into the Trump (gulp) presidency. News comes at us like a fire hose. Day by day, hour by hour even, we are inundated with news of Russian interference, Trump incompetence, and Republican indifference. I am mad and frustrated all of the time. But I can’t do something about it all of the time.

On the up side, four months in means I have a few things figured out. I know what I’m good at (strategery), decent at (writing), and horrible at (networking). I also know friends who are excellent at things I am not good at. My co-podcaster, Megan, is an awesome networker and cheerleader. She is ready with a kind smile and always ready to reach out. I am still a Bostonian at heart. (I’m looking forward to my upcoming trip when I don’t have to greet my Dunkin Donuts barista and will relish cutting people off in traffic.) But I like to write. The blog is an outlet, and I hope at times moments of inspiration for others.

I also know that to maintain the Resistance, I need inspiration. This past weekend, the SNL cold open was Hallelujah. Alec Baldwin cum Trump sang and “played” the piano, surrounded by his minions, including the ever present grim reaper. Because he might not make it to next season! (We can always dream…)

Watching that version took me back to this one. The one that I cried over after Clinton lost. Kate McKinnon doesn’t have a great voice. But those words, that tune, that emotion. How could she have lost? What did our country just lose? What will happen to us?

I didn’t cry again, but even as I write this, my eyes water up. She was not perfect. The Democratic Party did not help. But now we have Trump.

I also look back to this picture. As I wrote, my daughter and I went to the polls in November that fateful day. She was so so excited. I feel like we let her down. And the tears come.

I am not a masochist nor am I prone to tears, but I need to remember why it’s 10pm on a Thursday and instead of watching The Great British Bakeoff (another newfound pleasure of mine), I am writing this. Being active now requires effort that I didn’t used to make. But for her, it’s worth it.