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Back in high school I ran for Vice President of my class. This other girl Megan was the incumbent president and I liked her so why challenge her? But thought VP had a nice ring, would help my college applications. So I ran. My friend, Maria, ran too. We then ran against Mike. Mike won. High school pundits said that Maria and I split the vote. If just one of us had run, one of us could have won. So be it. That was my one and only time running for office.

When I think about running for office now, it’s terrifying in so many ways. For the record —  I never would have considered it before the November election. I still don’t actively consider it. But the chance is probably greater than 0 whereas it used to DEFINITELY be 0. And when I think about it – like Jenny and Rachel said – it’s often in the context of my family. HOW would it work? How much would I be gone? But I also just think about it in very generic terms. How much money would I have to raise? How would I raise $? What would canvassing be like? How would I handle my current job? SO, sure, I think about it from the more perspective of being a woman. But I of course also just think about running. As a human.

As we said, a shockingly small % of women in our country are elected officials. To me, that is a problem. So I want to end with a challenge to us all. Let’s envision a country where upwards of 50% of our elected representatives were women. What would that mean for our laws, for our institutions, for our children?