A handful of you may have been wondering – what has happened to Sara and Hanaa?? Where did Five Minutes go? The short of it is that we barely have that five minutes, and when we do, we’re trying to focus our energies on phone calls, meetings, and letters. But life intervenes. Hanaa has some work contracts that are keeping her super busy, and by the end of April, Sara will have been to CA, VT, DC (two times), and TX (two times in April!) since January. Conferences, work, and family are keeping me busy… I am also providing energy to a great progressive group in town and initiatives to keep our senators accountable.

Then, there’s the podcast. Although not a replacement for the blog, a group of us decided that it could be an equally useful forum for inspiring other progressive groups.

Finally, family. Family and activism-work-family balance will actually be the focus of the podcast this week. Because we all have kids, and they are the priority. So we need to keep a balance.

We will keep sharing actions and reading – though likely with a slower pace, especially given the upcoming recess. We always love your own actions advice so keep passing it along via the comments section or to fiveminutesaction@gmail.com.

For today’s reading, I want us to get mad. Read this piece in WaPo about the role of misogyny.  Hanaa and I are women (duh). We know women face undue challenges in running for office. (Smile, everyone!) But that’s bullshit.

200w_d (1)

I am thrilled there are organizations, like She Should Run and Emerge. And I can’t wait to support women who want to run. And with total nonsense happening in DC, something as crazy as me running for office doesn’t sound as insane as it once did.


So stick with us. We’re here and we have a voice.