I have to admit that since our victory with the AHCA on Friday, I have felt stumped with what I want to next dedicate my energy to. Which has also made it harder to promote any actions of the day… (Except for our new podcast!) So, today, I am providing a menu of sorts, depending on your interests and concerns. A choose your own adventure! (I’ll leave it up to your imaginations which titles below relate to which awesome challenges we have before us…)


So, here are some options for you today:

  1. Concerned about the fact that Trump just signed an EO to get rid of cleaner coal power plants? How about making donations to institutions that support the environment, as we’ve suggested before. Or, find your closest Climate March!
  2. What about Russia-Trump ties? There’s insanity every day! Honestly, it’s impossible to summarize. Just listen to daily headlines. And, come, on, smoke + fire = someone in the Trump campaign probably colluding with Russia to get him elected. This action is harder. But it’s always good to make your voices heard with your MOC. This time, maybe even try out that new awesome texting platform to directly send your MOC a fax about issues you’re concerned about! One quick text and three faxes to your three MOCs! I’m in love.
  3. And finally, what about donating to Jon Ossoff, who in early voting is in the lead in GA’s 6th. Every bit helps!! Plus, how about that dreamy smile?


I know, we get overwhelmed. And life intervenes. So choose one easy task today: donate, call, text. Let’s do this.