Friends and family know that I love podcasts. So does Hanaa. For a couple of years, I worked in DC and lived in West Virginia. So I drove. A lot. And I fell even further in love with podcasts. I’ve always been a fan of This American Life, Radio Lab, and am just a good ol’ NPR junkie. As we’ve discussed before, we like podcasts.

And we’re starting one! Specifically, Megan Smith, Micah Weglinsi, and I (Sara Anderson) are starting one. Hanaa will join later. Right now, we just have a promo, but later this week, stay tuned for a full-length episode about our recent town hall and the organizing scene in Morgantown, WV.

(And, yes, I was channeling Sarah Koenig in this promo. I feel like imitating Ira Glass would be too obvious…)

Here’s our promo:


Here we are, pressuring our Senator to save our healthcare. More on that later.