We just learned today that a projected 24 million people would lose their insurance under the new AHCA, proposed by Ryan and house republicans. That’s a lot! Specifically, it’s the population of Australia. It’s also the population of North Korea (though I don’t necessarily trust their census…). So channel the Australians: put some shrimp on the barbie, pour yourself a glass of wine from your goon bag* and grab a piece of toast with some tasty vegemite, and start calling. Because the plan just stinks.

Fortunately, a lot of republicans know that is sucks. In fact, a group here in our town met with our representative (McKinley, R-WV) today and discussed the AHCA. He conceded it didn’t work well and that we need to keep Medicaid. They know the pressure is on and they will concede that aspects of the ACA work.

So, today, call your Representative. Tell him/her that Don’tcare is a turd (for an explanation, see last week’s post).

Here’s a script.

Hi! I’m YOUR NAME from YOUR PLACE. Have you read the provisions of the AHCA?? And that 24 million people will lose their health insurance? Totally unacceptable! I encourage my representative to vote AGAINST the AHCA. Because we have made great strides in health care coverage and we are seeing real positive outcomes as a result.

*A goon bag is what Australians call a bag filled with wine. Or a box of wine. Anyone else up for adopting this nomenclature?