Trump is unraveling. Multiple reports, summarized in this WaPo article, describe a rantingtrump-mad-750x400 and raging 45 who has cut people down about the handling of Sessions, Russia, and about leaks in general. Here’s a recent Twitter post from Rogue POTUS Staff.

We’ve discussed the allegations and links before just last week. I also listened to a great episode of Pod Save America, describing these links and going a step beyond. Check out “The Greatest Speech in History” for a great summary (and some bro talk).

We’ve shared facts, discussed links. Now, it’s time to just use plain old logic to think through Russia, Trump, and the latest total Trumpian rage.

  • The Russians hacked the DNC email. This is a fact. They leaked it via WikiLeaks. We know what happened next.
  • Trump has a plethora of advisers with ties to Russia. Mike Flynn just went down because he lied about his connections. Sessions has had to recuse himself from investigations into Russia’s involvement in the election.  Sec. of State Tillerson has numerous ties to Russia stemming from his time as CEO of ExxonMobil.  Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page also has numerous corrections to Russia, and featured prominently in the Steel dossier.  The list goes on!
  • Trump loves Russia. No other president basically ever has been so enamored with Russia.
  • Trump has now started to point fingers wildly, including the previous administration, to detract from the attention that is paid on the known connections.
Smoke, but no fire. Hmm…

So, we know Russia has been involved, Trump’s advisers have been in contact with Russian officials, and Trump hearts Russia. As so many people have said, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. All we have now is smoke, but it’s a wildfire’s worth of smoke.

What must we do?

This is the biggest threat to democracy we’ve faced since they ran out of ink at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. To be honest, I called so much during the hearings for DeVos and Sessions that I got tired. But it’s time to get back in the game.

I also read a great New Yorker article today that broke down what happens when constituents call. My take was that it’s not just about calling and not just about writing. BUT, when it’s a wave of calls, when the lines are so tied up that the answering machines are full, then legislators pay attention. Do we have DeVos as Secretary of Ed? Yes. But do we have the time to get a hearing on Russia? Also yes.

I have also seen the power of the Town Hall Project in shedding light on the vast number of representatives avoiding their constituents. So, I just tried to find a compendium of  MOC who are supporting a bipartisan investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia OR a call for a special prosecutor. Both of these would be independent and open ways to truly understand who is openly supporting defending our democracy and who is shying away.

So, I started one. This google doc will let us openly share our MOCs stance on Russia. For example, we know that John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) want an investigation, but who else? Once we have this, we can begin to more easily leverage the power of the people — and of other legislators.

Now, call your MOC. Call all of them. We each have three (2 senators + 1 representative). Call and ask if they support a bipartisan investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia. Then, take it a step further and ask if they support a special prosecutor to support investigating Russia + Trump.

Then, tell them that YOU support an investigation.

Finally, track it on the google doc. Share how your MOC feels so we can put the pressure on for an investigation.

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