Hanaa and I debated how to handle Trump’s speech to a joint session of congress tonight. In the end, we decided one speech was not going to change his course and that giving him too much credit (because it wasn’t a total disaster, and he said sentences that had a subject, verb, and object) was unfair.

So, instead, we urge you to consider all that Planned Parenthood does, because it continues to be under assault. Republicans continue to link defunding it with repealing Obamacare, arguing against both with superlatives and falsehoods. Moreover, they fail to meaningfully  offer any ways to replace the care millions of women receive from Planned Parenthood, or address the estimate that by defunding it, “Medicaid spending alone would increase by $650 million over 10 years.”

In this great Scary Mommy story, a woman shares both her disappointment and the cost of a miscarriage. Despite her insurance coverage, the procedure cost her over $1,300. And that’s with so-called good insurance. What about people without coverage?

Planned Parenthood fills that gap. Never let the Republicans steal the narrative that Planned Parenthood clinics are exclusively abortion providers. Abortions make up three percent of their work. Among other services like contraception and cancer screenings, they help women cope with the trauma of a pregnancy loss, whether through miscarriage or abortion, and to minimize what can be exorbitant costs.

Breakdown of Planned Parenthood services provided

One in five women in the United States will visit Planned Parenthood in their lifetime. Both us have gone to them, and you probably have too! And men, we’re not forgetting about you: in 2014, more than 3,000 of you visited Planned Parenthood for vasectomies, and countless more for STI testing and treatment.

So forget Trump. His Twitter feed will be filled with insults, weird musings, misspellings, and threats within 24 hours. We need to be vigilant to protect what truly makes our country great.

Today, as we have urged before, support Planned Parenthood. Call your MOC (script below) to say that you do not want to see Planned Parenthood defunded and that you are thankful for their services. Make a donation. Do your #FiveMinutes.


Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m from [PLACE]. I am a supporter of the diverse services that Planned Parenthood provides. [IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THOSE SERVICES, MENTION THEM HERE.] I am appalled at the efforts by many in congress to defund the organization from providing services like mammograms and cancer screenings. I urge you to vote against these efforts to curtail Planned Parenthood access, and to protect the right of women to high quality health services.