We have written before about the unconstitutional Muslim ban.  While I am glad the courts are rightly ruling against it, I still feel deeply ashamed about this hateful EO, and deeply saddened for the 60,000 people coming to our country who were adversely affected by the incompetent way it was implemented, not to mention the refugees escaping unimaginable horror only to be denied entry.

Trump supporters like to claim that the ban is only temporary!  After 90 days, we can resume immigration with a new “extreme vetting” procedure in place.  Details of the extreme vetting are entirely absent.  It is not even clear what about the current procedure they object to, or even what problem they hope to solve.  My guess, based on the name, is that the extreme vetting will be the same as the current procedure, but it will be done while skydiving and chugging Mountain Dew.  EXTREME!  Christians will get priority on the functioning parachutes.

This refugee did not finish his Cool Ranch Doritos before landing, which showed a lack of commitment to our ideals of freedom, liberty and flavor powders.

Claims that Obama did the same thing are false.  He did slow down immigration from Iraq after two men were found in Kentucky who had their fingerprints on a bomb that went off in Iraq.  By the way, these are the famous men of the Bowling Green Massacre that Kellyanne Conway invented.  Never stop forgetting the untold masses slaughtered that day.

Many facts were lost that day.

The Scary Part

I do not believe the Trump administration when they say that this is a temporary ban.  I believe they sold this as temporary because a permanent ban is harder to sell.  They are going to try to extend this indefinitely, and to add more Muslim-majority countries to the list.  The affected countries have 90 days to provide additional information, which when submitted I am sure the administration will deem insufficient.  They have already said they will add more countries, as referenced in this article.

Gorsuch, the Ban, and the Action

Today, an appeals court once again affirmed the stay against the ban. This is a fabulous outcome, although it has not been ruled on, only stayed, and Trump will now appeal to the supreme court. This is where Gorsuch comes in. Keep your eyes peeled on how the Republicans try to ram through his nomination. Do they schedule a vote? What do we know about Gorsuch? We haven’t talked about his nomination very much, and now it’s time to learn both because of his potential role in ruling on the ban. Here are some recommendations:

  • The ACLU doesn’t officially provide a position on presidential nominees, but they’ve written generally about him and about his rulings related to disabilities.
  • Fivethirtyeight wrote an interesting article about how Trump’s rating might influence the outcome of the nomination.
  • Also pay very close attention to the Gorsuch timeline. Grassley is estimating six weeks. Does that now get pushed up with the ban headed to the Supreme Court? Or do we see the Trump administrating dragging their feet to appeal?
  • Finally, any good googling of “Gorsuch nominee” will get you pretty far too (of course, pay attention to the source!). But pay particular attention to how the parties are discussing him. As we know, comments that he makes will be insanely interpreted and re-interpreted

It is time to stay informed, active, and paying attention to the crazy politics of it all. But that’s what we do in our #FiveMinutes.