Alrighty, folks. It sucks, but a bear-hating, IDEA-ignorant, rich lady will be our Secretary of Education. This is NOT good. BUT, let’s review a few facts.

  1. She’s incompetent. Although this is definitely not an ideal characteristic of a Secretary of Ed, it also means that it will take her time to sort out how to be effective — if she can be effective.
  2. Education is largely the purview of the states. Yes, the federal government has some oversight and Congress just passed ESSA, but the Secretary of Ed doesn’t have a ton of leeway in what she does. She cannot waive a wand and make vouchers and charter schools appear in every state.
    1. Addendum to #2 — pay attention to state legislation about charter schools and vouchers in your state legislature this year. You still may see some legislation pushing her agenda. It likely will NOT work.
  3. YOU are mobilized. You called, emailed, and encouraged others to do so. You are a citizen lobbyist and can do it again.

You might feel demoralized. This might have been your first time calling an elected official! I CALLED SO MANY TIMES!!! WHY DON’T THEY LISTEN TO ME??? Or, maybe you’re wondering if you could have called more? Should I have flown to DC to meet with my Senator? It’s all ok. This is the first battle of many. Especially if you are a new activist, know that there will be more fights and we will win them. We need to use our energy wisely, be strategic, and read the writing on the wall. For now, we concede the battle. But we know there are other good fights that we must fight, some of which we can win.

Today, take an extra few #FiveMinutes for you. Go on a walk, talk with a friend, grab a coffee, spend more time with your kids. Don’t read more news, don’t fret about calling your representative or organizing a rally. In fact, turn OFF media for five minutes. Because, remember, this is a marathon.

So, now, we end with some photos of dogs! Plus, some awesome gifs that we love! Because we need to keep moving forward and sometimes that won’t feel like progress, but we must keep acting. For now, we laugh.

Hanaa’s dog in my kids’ night gown.

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