In our video yesterday, we talked about how incredibly overwhelming the news cycle has been since January 20. While we know this is a marathon, not a sprint, it’s hard not to react whenever a new series of headlines starts dinging on our phones or we see people posting “OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE WHAT HE JUST DID” on social media. It’s also hard not to feel like you’re missing something or you’ve already forgotten what happened a few days ago or even hours ago because everything is moving so fast.

So we decided to take a pause and back up. Let’s review where we stand on some of the major categories of news as it relates to the Administration: Russia, cabinet nominees, the Supreme Court, and executive orders.

But before we do that, let’s also take a moment to breathe in deeply and high five a million angels. Since the Women’s March on January 21st, it’s been nonstop resistance with a few wins along the way:

  1. Green card holders can return to the U.S. (though the memo hasn’t reached everyone yet . . .)dbiymjv
  2. Uber pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter.
  3. The ACLU raised $24M over the weekend (normally $3-4Mil/year).
  4. EPA climate data no longer scrubbed from website.
  5. More people from different backgrounds, including career and gender, are considering running for political office than ever before.

(Yes, I did take these from one of the Facebook copy/share posts going around.)

But here’s something that really warms my heart. A lot of the protesting that’s happening, a lot of the actions that people are taking, are in opposition of things that do not directly affect them. Like the Saturday night protests at airports across the country – it’s unlikely they were filled with just Muslims. That’s the America that we love – standing up for our neighbors and for what’s right. Onward!

First up, let’s revisit the Russia issue.