Action of the Day: January 23, 2017

Are you still basking in the glow of the March? Whether or not you marched in person, it’s hard not to feel reborn after such an amazing assembly of people around the world. Let’s keep up the momentum!

The Trump cabinet nomination hearings are still happening. This week, DeVosTillerson, Price, and Sessions are still in play, either through continued hearings or committee meetings.

Your Action of the Day: call your Senators to oppose their nominations!

Question: I’ve already called to share my opposition. Should I call again?

Answer: Yes! You likely called prior to the hearings starting. Your new script:

“Hi, I’m [name] and live in [town]. After hearing [cabinet nominee] speak at last week’s hearing, I have even deeper concerns about them and would like to share my opposition to their nomination with Senator. Has the Senator decided how they will be voting on [cabinet nominee]?”

Question: Should I combine all of my cabinet oppositions into one phone call?

Answer: Ideally no. If you have time to make separate calls spaced out throughout the week, it would be worth doing so. Staff Assistants taking the calls are usually just keeping a tally of the number of people calling in favor or opposed to a topic (or in the case, individual). Combining issues/nominees in one calls can cause for some of the tallying to get lost in the mix. Separating the calls ensures your voice is heard.

Question: I’ve made my new calls! What more can I do?

The March around the world showed us there is a humongous community of people who want to fight back, but not everyone knows where to start. In addition to encouraging your people to join our new Five Minutes Facebook page, today’s ***bonus action*** is to encourage people to know who their Members of Congress are and to start making calls.

Sample text for your email or post:

The March was amazing! Let’s keep up the momentum of action. These are the Members of Congress in my district: [Senator 1], [Senator 2], and [Representative]. You can find out who your Members are by typing in your zip code at I programmed their numbers into my phone to make it extra easy to call. This week I’ll be calling to oppose the cabinet nominations of Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, and Rex Tillerson. Learn more at Five Minutes!

Sara has been making videos to show how easy it is make calls to her representatives (she calls when getting ready in the morning!). What can you do to help people get over their apprehension for making calls? (You can make videos too if you’d like!) We’d love to know. Share your ideas for encouraging your community and keeping the momentum alive this week.