Sara’s more fashionable and hot-headed sister, Cait Amadon, will be taking over the post again for today. (Note: More adult words below!)

It’s the dawn of a new era, or regime, really.  Not only is trump dangerous for our freedoms, but he is absolutely inept and unqualified to run this country.  However, I will thank him for one thing: this clusterfuck of an administration has woken me up to the fact that I need to take part and be an active citizen.  I can no longer sit idly by and gripe about everything I hate that’s happening in this country.  I need to call, I need to act, and I need to be involved in working towards a sane government.


At the end of the day, that’s what this administration is, it’s insane.  They deny SCIENTIFIC FACT that carbon emissions belched out of human creations are causing climate change.  This is real!  Yet today at noon, all mention of climate change has been erased from the White House’s websites, save one mention on trump’s “America First Energy Plan”.  On this site he vows to gut Obama’s Climate Action Plan.  In reading between the lines we see: who cares about the planet, let’s make a shit-ton of money on oil and coal!


In the words, well really word, of our new president: sad!


(Not only is there no mention of climate change there is also no mention of civil rights, poverty, healthcare or LGBTQ on the White House website!)


I’m proud that this demagogue-joke-of-a-president has awakened the rebel in many of us.  It’s demonstrated there is fight in us, not just complacency.  I’m proud of my family and friends who are willing to stand up to this looming fascist regime.  I only hope more people follow in the example of Georgia Rep. John Lewis and protest Oompa and Friends.  We should all aspire to have as much conviction and drive to bravely stand up for what is right, and what we believe in.


Yesterday, while listening to local NPR’s KCRW “To The Point” they were discussing whether it’s right for democratic representatives to protest trump’s inauguration.  One man, John Davidson, senior correspondent for The Federalist, argued it was dangerous for legislators to protest the inauguration.  He argued this rhetoric of resistance is just furthering the marginalization of those who feel they are not being heard by Washington.  Those people of the “heartland” will feel as if they are being told to sit down and shut up, he said.  He thinks this is giving the message our democratic institutions are in trouble and the political system is broken.  No shit it’s broken!!  When we have a foreign power, one who is not our ally, taking measures to directly influence our election process, it’s absolutely broken!


On the other side of this argument was California Representative Ted Lieu (D) saying the boycott shows how strong our democracy is.  I agree!  Our country was founded by rebels; where would we be if not for those fighting for what they believe in?!  Lieu also said it’s far more harmful to normalize the man trump.  Instead, we should stand up against someone who uses Twitter to bully those he doesn’t agree with, who rejects the advice of our intelligence community, and who refuses to divest of his foreign business holdings.  Lieu says we need to send the signal that something is wrong, and send that signal we shall!


We absolutely need to voice our opinions so our rights are not infringed upon, which they will be should we stay silent.  We need to stand up for what we believe is right, not toe the line because it might upset those in power.  We put them in power, so we need to take that power back!  I personally refuse to let a man so caked in fake tan he looks like the inside of a Cheetos bag tell me what I can and cannot do with my body.  I refuse to let him deny the fact that we are killing our planet.  I refuse to let him tell people they are not allowed to get married because of sexual orientation.  I refuse to let him demolish the floundering Middle Class (which he’s already working on by nixing Obama’s proposed cut to the cost of mortgage insurance, bye bye being a homeowner).


I refuse to stay silent.


In what feels like the scariest time of my life, and of recent history, I take a small bit of solace in knowing I’m not alone.  I don’t care your creed, color of your skin, sexual orientation, or political party, tomorrow, I march with all my sisters.