I’ve had several people reach out to me via the Facebooks and email about whether or not to bother to call their legislators in D.C. But you should call. Here’s why:

  1. Remember that some people can’t. See Hanaa’s post for reminder.
  2. Those of us living in red states (yay?) must call our legislators for obvious reasons. They need to hear from those of us who may diverge on their policy positions. That’s why my senators in WV have been hearing from me about every nominee. (It’s easy.) But, those of you in blue states need to THANK your legislators. Just like I’m calling Senator Capito (or Manchin, there are few differences…) about not voting to confirm DeVos, you need to thank Franken (D-MN) for his line of questioning on DeVos. Or to praise Chris Murphy (D-CT) for asking about guns in schools. (WTF, DeVos, grizzlies???) Just like the Republican senator from WV hears from me because I don’t agree with her, your states have Democratic senators who hear from Republicans. So boost them up and thank them for their hard work. Because right how, it’s hard, hard work.
  3. Sometimes, they won’t vote your way! Look what Corey Booker’s (D-NJ) vote last week in importing lower cost medicine from Canada. They have to know that you are paying attention and that you have an opinion. Our representatives are accountable and they can pay political prices for legislative miss-steps.

So save the number to your phone like this. Then, you’ll do it! Lower the bar and make it easy. None of us have enough time. With work, commute, kids, eating. But with #fiveminutes, we can make a difference.

Screenshot of my phone