Hi guys. Local DC resident here. Did you know we pay taxes to the federal government but have no voting representation in Congress? None. We actually pay more federal taxes per person than anywhere else in the country! Our fair district has a larger population than Wyoming and Vermont, and yet they each have two Senators and one Representative. (We technically also have a Representative, but she is not allowed to vote on final legislation.)

Guess what that means? I HAVE NO SAY IN CONGRESS. All I can do is encourage you to call your members of Congress, show up to their town halls, and stay vigilant. Can you please make a call today?

(We’ll talk about all of the other issues related to DC Statehood Now another day. For now, just focus on taking down the cabinet nominees.)

One more thing. Jared Kushner talks about how he’s proud only seven percent of DC residents voted for his father-in-law because drain the swamp yada yada yada. But we are a real city facing the same issues as “real America.” We may be demographically more diverse in just about every way, but we are not the “boogeyman . . . Trump crusades against.” As Benjamin Freed eloquently continues, “Kushner wouldn’t be the first Trump stooge to fail to tell the difference. Take the online trolls who continue to push the dumb conspiracy theory known as ‘Pizzagate.’ To them, any customer of Comet Ping Pong, no matter how far removed from elective politics, is complicit in a bogus crime ring and subject to the reaction. Kushner basking in Trump’s low vote total in DC comes from a similar mentality–it just has the benefit of being far less impolite.”