Honestly, that could be the entire post. Just, no. And you likely know and accept this. So this post might not be for you but for your mom/cousin/neighbor who wants to give him a chance.

I know lots of people said, “Let’s give him a chance.” “It was just the campaign!” “He’s surrounded by such good people.” I believe many (most?) of those people are now thinking, “Well, crap.” For the ones who aren’t, here’s some fodder for talking with them.

The origin of this post was Trump’s disrespectful tweet to John Lewis. On the eve of MLK Day, when we should be honoring our civil rights leaders, Trump goes full Trump. Doubling down on being rude, disrespectful, and decidedly un-Presidential.

Why he won’t change: The past

Wow, there’s so much evidence that he is a narcissistic blow-hard who will serve our country poorly and has little interest in leading with integrity. Let’s go with a brief list of his worst offenses during the campaign (and this is just a taste):

  1. Mexicans are rapists. (I could just stop there.)
  2. The classic, grabbing women quote. (HOW DID HE GET ELECTED AGAIN???)
  3. Prodding on second-amendment people. (Woah, not cool.)
  4. Saying Russia should hack Clinton. (Hits a bit too close to home, huh?)
  5. Claimed he ended the birther controversy. (WHAT?????)

Why he won’t change: The present

Now, let’s reflect on what he’s said since being elected.

  1. Attacked a union leader.
  2. Held weird rallys claiming he won an overwhelming majority of the vote when he LOST the popular vote. Nor was his electoral victory all that impressive, again, despite his claims.
  3. Denied Russia’s involvement with DNC hacks despite lots of evidence, then playing it down and questioning whether they actually were trying to help him win. This whole line of logic gets to me because why else would they hack him. Would it help Clinton? Just to be mean? Because of the spread of knockoff nesting dolls?
  4. Had one press conference and is considering moving the White House press corps. Um… Will he instead turn that room into a giant server for his army of people thinking up even more insensitive tweets? Or perhaps more room for wigs (because it’s probably a wig)?
  5. Last but not least, he will not divest of his assets, put them in a blind trust, or release his taxes. He has so many conflicts of interest.

He has not changed course. And, clearly, the people he surrounds himself are no better. I find no comfort in alt-right leader Steve Bannon serving a senior position in the White House. We’ve already discussed Tillerson, Sessions, and Carson. Stay tuned this week for DeVos, Pruitt, and Price.

There’s is no chance he will all of the sudden quit Twitter, stop attacking people unjustly, accept evidence from our nation’s intelligence agencies, or make good policy.  I firmly believe that he never thought he would get elected. Now that he’s there, he’s surrounded himself with yes-men with a right-wing agenda who will do great harm on this country because he has zero clue what he’s doing.

What does this have to do with five minutes?

And this is where our #fiveminutes comes in.

  • We can’t normalize this. Duh. It’s not normal. It never will be or should. He is a disgrace.
  • Engage in discussions about his actions. Talk with that conservative aunt.
  • Remember how awful all of this is so that you KEEP CALLING!
  • And stay informed. This is the part I think people hate the most. No one wants to read this garbage. It’s embarassing and scary. But we stay informed so we can act and discuss. Remember Obama’s last speech and his call to action. Keep him a 1-term president.