A recent article argued against middle-class white women participating in the march. At first, I thought it was Trump propaganda (and perhaps it is), but it more or less was arguing for women instead being involved in an actual cause. Or that the march should be about something and not just against Trump.

But such an argument assumes these are mutually exclusive. I am attending the march because I want to be a a part of the show of force. We are here. We are active. Be ready.

Going to the march shows the world that we will not stand by. Trump and Republicans in Congress will hear our voices. After the march, we will return home energized and prepared to meet with like-minded people to make phone calls, ring doorbells, make donations, and in some cases run for office.

So attending the march, in DC or sister marches, is not an issue-free format of protest. We are all attending for our issues and catalyzed by energy from the march, we will return home ready to act.