Michelle Obama was an amazing first lady. Beyond the coolness, spotlight she shone on children’s obesity, and energy, she was a role model. I will miss role models in the most important house in the country. I do not know Melania, but what I have heard and perceived so far leads me to believe she will not be the burst of energy and intelligence we have seen in Michelle.

I want my daughters to have such a role model. Too often, children rely on movie stars and pop singers. (My four year old went so far as to give herself the nickname of “Rock Star” recently.) Michelle was a role model for us all. Was she perfect? Probably not, but she was upstanding, honest, a hard worker, and brilliant. We need more people like that to look up to.

That’s why we need to think of Michelle and to use our time. When Michelle choked up in her speech today, I think it was because she is leaving the White House and will shift her role. I also think it is because she is scared. She is scared for diverse groups of children who may no longer get equal opportunities because Jeff Sessions will be Attorney General. Or because Betsy DeVos will try to outsource public education, leading to sub-par outcomes. Or because children’s health and well-being could suffer because their families lose healthcare.

She called for children to be focused, determined, and powerful. She asked that we lead with Hope. I am scared. But I am involved because I have hope. I don’t want Trump or Melania to be our role models, but I also don’t want our country to turn into a place I don’t want to call home.

Come together and act. I’ll be sending along some suggestions for how you can do that. Stay tuned….