I’m writing this in response to people who have encouraged a “wait and see” policy about Trump. What is there to see? Let’s consider what he’s said. A recent request seeks to find out the programs, resources, and people working on women’s issues in the state department. Read the article (below).

I am a scientist. I rely on evidence. But his track record suggests these programs may be gutted as HE IS CLEARLY NOT A SCIENTIST NOR DOES HE RELY ON ANY SORT OF QUANTITATIVE/QUALITATIVE EVIDENCE. He has denigrated every minority group. He has bragged about sexually assaulting women. He doesn’t believe in equal pay because, well, if we work hard enough, we’ll make the same amount. Reams of social science tell us different.

Why wait and see? Why give him the benefit of the doubt when he has not given it to others? He will be our PRESIDENT. The highest office in the land. People should be able to look up to him. To question him. Not fear him.

From the day he was elected, the press and the people had a responsibility to shine a light on his actions, to question his acts, and to act.

Your reading of the day:

Trump team asked State Department for info on women’s issues programs, sparking fears of another witch hunt