My most vivid memories of preschool is dancing to one of two songs – “Bad” by Michael Jackson and the Star Wars theme. I always wanted to play princess Leia. I’m sure it was in large part due to childhood gender norms, but let’s face it. Princess Leia Rocked. She was strong, spoke her mind, and just plain kicked ass. She also had integrity and values. We all wanted to be like her. We still want to be like her.

This year we all need role models. The preschooler is now a mom, and she still admires the Princess. She spoke her mind. She had her causes. And she was human. We should hold ourselves to these standards. We should hope our politicians could hold to them as well.

In the coming month, Trump will be inaugurated. The majority of us did not vote for him. Let’s remember the Princess and Carrie herself.

Be brave. Speak your mind. Remember – the Jedi returned.