I refuse to sit on the sidelines and watch the United States be taken over by a narcissistic megalomaniac, surrounded by yes-men, and those who are afraid to stand up for the truth if it threatens their power. But what do I do?

Many of us have been confused, scared, and just wondered what to do now that Trump (there, I said it) is President-elect. I have read words of frustration, fear, anger. I seen finger-pointing, chest pounding, and Monday-morning quarterbacking. I have tried to listen.

But reading and listening isn’t enough. Now is time for action. Limited action so far, but that’s normal and ok. For those of us wondering what to do, here are some tentative steps. They take time. None of us have much of it. But it doesn’t take much.

Read. Just read. Confront the news, however horrific. Devote at least an hour to the NY Times, Washington Post, or WS Journal. Listen to NPR. Go beyond the headlines to understand how we got here and where we are going.

Become members of FB groups that release regular action items. Flippable and Rise Before We Fall are good ones I have joined.

Devote 5 minutes to an hour each day toward ACTION either promoted by local/national groups or within your own agenda. The first step is information. The next is action. Tell others what you have done and SHARE (FB, twitter…) what you did so others can act too. Imagine if all of us who are scared and angry (estimated as those of us who voted for Clinton) devoted 5 minutes per day to action, that would come to 221,006 hours/day that most of us had never devoted to activism, which is sadly just maintaining the status quo (i.e., women’s rights, environmental issues, social justice…). Those are hours that our Senators, Representatives, Delegates, and Selectpeople have to listen to Us. The People.

Become members of local groups. Join a local PSN group. Join the local Democratic party. Find topical committees (conservation, environmental, social justice). Go to meetings. Feel nervous and out of place for a while. But keep going. Be sure they come up with action plans. Our local group is identifying city council seats that should be flipped. A wonderful state delegate will also train us on how to track legislation so we can be on top of the scary legislation bound to come from a Republican-controlled house and senate. Be ready to act. Phone calls, emails, lobbying efforts on those issues you know and are passionate about. Be ready to use those 5 minutes. Or save them up and go to the state or national capitol for a day to discuss issues you are passionate about

I’ve mentioned this already, but tell others what you are doing. Show others what you can do. Make it easy. Put pressure on others to act. Only action can prevent the worst of what is possible in the next four years.

So from me to you. Here’s some friendly peer pressure. Start.